Freshly Brewed

Hello friends,

Welcome to my blog! Like most people, I’m a coffee enthusiast. I enjoy sipping hot coffee, preferably a dark roast. While doing so, I sometimes read or write poetry or prose; it depends on my mood that day. I hope you stick around to read my work. Who knows, you might leave feeling inspired, energised, and caffeinated.

With love,
Nicole Hanna
P.S. Not everything I write will relate to coffee, but feel free to drink some as you read on.


Your streak of ivory light flows through my window
Like a river of milk
That flows in Heaven
Or so they say?
To dream is to find the answer
But to dream means to sleep
And when I awake you’ll have disappeared
Then I’ll be alone,
Waiting until darkness for your reveal


A Poem from an Expat

A glimpse of your beauty, a whiff of your cedars
Familial interactions with cheerful strangers
Together as one, a bond of the people
A celebration of life, culture, and freedom

Raped by your neighbours, abused by political leaders
Taken advantage of by internal and external traitors
War broke out, peace had ceased
People were destroyed, in terror they screamed

Tears flood the eyes of your citizens
Hunger and Poverty break into your houses
Death drives through your streets
Your cry is loud, your wounds are deep

I long for the day when you regain strength
I pray that your torture comes to an end
Until then I weep for you, my Motherland
May God heal you, لبنان